The journey is worth the heartache of leaving!

I have to admit to you, I am beginning to dislike moving. Packing boxes, turning off and on services, selling my kids toys and old clothes is wearing a little thin on me. Michelle feels the same way to. There are days when I think all would be better if we could have just lived in Tennessee all our days and not move from state to state. Today is one of those heavy days, as I say goodbye to relationships that probably will not carry on past Facebook or a text every once in a while. Today is beginning to become emotional for me, but God has been good to show me what I would miss if we stayed in TN years ago.

There are tons of people that we would not have had the honor to know, pour my life into, have their lives poured in us and fight with, if we had stayed put all those years ago. There are too many people who we would not have hurt for, prayed for, longed for if we would have stayed put. Although the pain of leaving so many people we love is hard, there is a joy in having been their friends or even their irritants. I have grown tremendously because of the friendships, infightings, struggles and doing life together that we have experienced. I do not regret for a moment moving here to McMurray, PA and thank God for this part of our journey. The pain is heavy, but the joy of relationships is great.

There are people I am thankful that didn't agree with me or even hurt me because it made me deal with conflict and pain. It makes me grow up and be a better man. It makes me cling to God more for wisdom and strength. It makes me love people that act unloveable toward me. I am thankful for these times of trial and the people that were part of it.

There are many more that Michelle and I are going to miss terribly. So many families with kids that we loved walking along side. Many men that have been my brother in arms and many women who have been faithful friends to Michelle. There are many aunts, uncles, second fathers and mothers to my children that have been a great encouragement for our kids. God uses them to make this journey worth doing. God has used every relationship to grow us and make us more like His Son.

Now, we leave again for a place where there is no certainty. I am in school full time and just finished my first term back. I have 4 more terms before I can rejoice in finishing what I should have finished almost 20 years ago. We don't know our role in the church yet nor do we know if that church is the one we have served in for years. We have decided to not make future plans during this season and just trust God daily for provision in this part of our journey. We are looking forward to new relationships in Monroe, OH and restarting older relationships with those we know in SW Ohio. There is nothing certain but that God has our journey and He is taking us on another incredible ride with Him.

So for my last post in PA, at my favorite Starbucks store #9992; Thank you PA for being part of our journey. I am going to miss this place (not the hills) and I am a more mature follower of Christ because God brought us here to know you! May God be your greatest love and may McMurray, PA become a place where the Gospel is sent into the world!


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