My need for intimacy through a full time job!

     It has been a while since I have written. So let me just update you on our lives here in Lebanon, Ohio. On July 9th, I began working for an indirect dealer for Verizon Wireless called The Cellular Connection. They hired me as the store manager here in Lebanon and my assignment is to return the store back to profitability. The transition has been difficult, in that, I have not worked outside of the church full time for quite a while. However, God has given me favor and has blessed our store with some great opportunities. We are seeing God's hand in our sales and within conversations of those outside of the Kingdom of God. I have mostly enjoyed my time there(again, there have been some tough times) and learned much from God while working.

     God has made me very aware of the daily struggle many Christians deal with while working full time. I have had to be very intentional with my intimacy with Christ. I also run into many people who do not share my world view or my moral view. I feel I have hidden from this world too long. Many of my fellow Christians deal with opposing world views daily, where I as a pastor, only get this glimpse of opposition to the Biblical world view every once in a while. However, what has affected me most is my personal intimacy with Christ Jesus. I wonder how many Christians feel discouraged as we pastors demand they spend more time with Jesus, when many working parents do not have much time in the first place. I do know that many of us are way too busy and could use a serious schedule make over, but I also realize more and more how much we need intentionality in our relationship with Jesus! It is our relationship with Christ and our total dependency on Him that gets us through those tough work weeks. Its Christ living through our intimacy that grows us and makes us better dads, moms, workers and bosses. It is impossible for us to go through this world without Him to live in peace with every situation we go through. Time is a valuable asset that we need to intentionally give to Jesus. We simply are not strong enough to get through all of our trials, only God is.

     God has not wasted this part of my journey. He is also teaching me that He has planned this part of my journey with Him. He takes us all on different journeys and plans our foot steps. I am learning not to look at destinations but to simply ask Him what He is teaching me during different parts of the journey. I hope you see yourself in journey with God and that you don't get stuck on destinations, like I get so many times!


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