New name

Hello prayer partners and readers,

I am excited to announce that we have changed our church name to "the Church at Kapolei". We believe we needed a new name that was simple and gave us a different identity than the other churches in the area. Months back, I had begun to notice a bunch of small churches with the name "grace" in them. As I began to engage community leaders about our church, they would confuse us with those churches. I brought this to our pastoral team and after a few weeks of prayer we decided on a name change. We believe this simple name will match our simple mindset for our church. If you are giving to us right now, nothing is changing yet in that area. Soon this blog name will change to another name and I will inform you of that change when it happens. Thanks for your prayers and your love. We are excited to see what God is doing.

On another note, Nick and Suzy Killin will be moving here Nov. 7th. Nick will be leading our media and administration teams. He will also be team teaching with Jason and I. Please pray for their transition as they say goodbye to their family and friends in Ohio. Also, Nick and Jason will be looking for jobs and a place to live. Please pray for these to men to find jobs that will allow them to serve freely within our church.

If you want to check out our new website, it is

You can also follow our progress on Facebook.


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