One Month Down

So we have been here about a month and a week. As of today I volunteer two days a week at the local rec center and help a new college bible study on Tuesday nights. As Michelle and I get acclimated to our new home area I grow more eager to see this church come to fruition. I feel like I am just starting to feel like I can engage this community. We are seeing how hard relationships are to begin here. People are very private here and are not open to new comers from the outside. In most of the churched I have visited here, this same feeling exists. Many people are not getting outside their immediate relationships when you walk into their churches. This is a horribly sad sin that is very real. Is not the church to be to most open and loving organism in the world? John tells us that Christ said we are known for our LOVE for one another. How loving is it to walk past those we don't know because of fear, busyness, ignorance and hate. Whether that is a deeply hurt sinner or someone that just enters the doors of our buildings. I am overcome with the hate we show others. I say hate because it certainly is not love. People need community and love. People need to know they matter in a world that is so self serving and hateful to those who appear weak. Why can't we love those that come into our churches? Simply because we love self more. When we love self more, hate those outside of ourselves more. The church is the body of Christ which is to carry out the mission of God "to seek and save that which is lost"! How can we seek and save that which is lost when we cannot get past ourselves and our self serving.

As I sit and write this, I see the extreme loneliness that people suffer. This spot that I use at Star Bucks each week is a great spot to observe and react to people. I have watched drug dealing going on, people with disabilities get overlooked, business interviews and people sitting alone. This world is hurting and needs Christ.

Those who do not already know this: Hawaii is one of the "Ice" capitals of the US. Ice is a dangerous drug and many have turned to it. There is no area in Hawaii that is not affected. Many are spending their paychecks to get high and to be numbed to this world. They are lonely and in pain. They need Jesus.

Pray that we will be a people that will engage those hurting and alone!


  1. I'm praying for you, Shawn, and your family and team who will be serving with you. God will bless your efforts in His name!


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