Oct. Update!

Thank you for everyone who has been praying for us. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. We have just finished with Judgement House at Urbancrest and saw 114 people turn to Jesus for the first time. Michelle and I are working through Launch to get ready. This week and next we will begin to send out letters to those we are connected with to raise prayer support and financial support. Michelle and I head to Lynchburg Va in November to hopefully be approved for funding through Liberty Baptist Church Planting Network. We seemed to be approved through NAMB and are waiting on the figure they are going to support us with. We are also waiting for Urbancrest to work through their 2012 budget. In the next few weeks I will be meeting with Pastors that might lead their churches to support us financially. I have been praying for 10 churches giving an average of $400 each. I have had some great opportunities to share our vision with several different churches and have seen several of these churches interested in supporting the work in Hawaii. Please pray for the next month. It would be good to have our funding in place by Dec. 1st which would allow us to move by the end of January. Our house is not sold yet, so please pray for wisdom if it does not sell before Jan. 31st. I will be in Hawaii Dec. 2-11 for a men's conference, camping with some gang members and meeting people in the area we are planting in. I would love to find our housing while their. Also, we will be asking our financial supporters to begin giving Jan. 1st. Please pray for our core team to continue to come together and for us to lead more to Christ in Hawaii. Thank you again for praying for us and the church plant in Hawaii.


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