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I would like to formerly thank and introduce Tanya and Eric Landess to our team. Tanya is going to help me get the word out here in Ohio. I am still trying to convince her and then Eric to move to Hawaii with us, but don't tell them yet. Tanya is going to help me fundraise and also be a communication piece. She has set up an email for anyone to contact the church plant. It is gracecommunityhawaii@gmail.com. If any of you have questions concerning the church or are praying about supporting this work, this will be the best way of getting ahold of us. Also, if you want to be communicated with about prayer requests, this will be the email we use on our prayer list. Tanya and I will be checking the email and will respond. So an answer to my personal prayer has been answered. Someone that is very organized and very connected with the world has joined our team and is coming alongside of us and sending us off well. Thanks Tanya and Eric. Oh, you may ask how Eric is part of the team. Well, Tanya sees her marriage as being led by Eric and has Eric's full support, Eric is part of this team also. They also have decided to support our work financially also. I am thankful or both of them and God connecting us so long ago through Judgment House. Welcome, Eric and Tanya Landess to our team! Maybe God will bring them to Hawaii one day too!

Pastor Shawn Peoples


  1. Shawn, I'm truly touched. I have to admit that God leading me and Eric to each other has simply been the biggest blessing in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm stubborn, and I'm not used to not being in control. However, it is exactly what I needed, a partnership but also someone who could let me not lead. Just huge... :) God really does know what you need and how to provide.


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