God's sweet words are sometimes spoken loudly!

We have just begun our 7th month here in Hawaii. We wait with great expectation for Jason and Roni Rodgers to move here in a couple of weeks and for Nick and Suzy to be right behind them. God is doing some great things with these couples. Their support has kicked in a little more and they are both buying their tickets soon. Though there is so much to do before and when they get here, we are honored that God is bringing them to serve along side us. Pray for the rest of their support, both couple have less than 25% of their monthly support and still are raising their seed money. God answered big for us in the last month we lived in Ohio and we are expecting God to do bigger things with these couples. Many have told us that they will not be able to raise their support and I just say "watch God work it out".

Last week we had our largest group in our small group. 15 adults and 13 children were there. We had 3 people not able to come and still had a full house and almost full back yard. Our study through Colossians has been good for my soul. We are beginning our missional phase of our small group this month. We will be serving dinner to 60-100 single Airmen at Hickam Air Force base. There was a suicide there about two months ago and we believe that many of these men are lonely needing community. Pray for a Bible Study to be birthed through this outreach. Also pray for our football teams the next two weeks. I have decided to take a break from coaching for a couple of months and this might be the last time I see many of these families. Pray that they will be open to hearing and accepting the Gospel.

We are also praying about doing a Halloween Outreach. This holiday is huge in Hawaii and there will be thousands of families on the streets that night. Pray that we would have the approval from the park to host it there, to have enough volunteers, candy and equipment, and finally to have the finances to pull this off. We have also begun to look at possible meeting places when we launch. God has us thinking big and helping us walk boldly.

Finally, our family has been doing well though we have been hit with a cold bug. We just learned that Haleigh is struggling with foods and that most of our kids are lactose intolerant. Haleigh is learning to surf and Caleb will be right behind her. Michelle has turned into an exercise beast and looks great. Ava is getting sweeter and more ninja everyday (ask Abby Barham). Joshua is getting smarter and cuter, Caleb is getting taller and more intelligent and Nathan is getting into and onto everything, and I mean everything. Thanks for praying for us and supporting us in all the ways you do.


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