It's Beginning to look a lot like ...

This morning I woke up to a basement lined with boxes and a house that looks like several mini tornadoes ran through it. Yes, this means that we are packing. With each day, it becomes clearer that we are moving and that our days here are drawing short. I just opened a checking account in Hawaii online (that was weird) and the stress level is going down with each box we pack. It is really setting in that we will not be living here in less than a month.

Many of you have been praying and your prayers are being answered. One of the things I can announce since my last post is that we are almost fully funded. As of yesterday, we only lack $150 a month for our funding. We still need about $25,000 for seed money and our house to sell, but I am not sweating it. God has been too good to us for me to worry about those things, especially since they are both out of my control.

Well, the moving company comes this week and we will be heading to Memphis for the last time as Ohio residents next week. Then we have one more week in Ohio. Really going to miss our church and friends, but am excited that we are going where God is inviting us too. Hopefully on my next post, I can give you two more great announcements. Just waiting for the okay to do it. Thanks for your prayers and you love. Here are the current prayer request:

1. House to sell

2. For us to know what to keep and what to give away (or sell) while we finish packing.

3. For us to connect to lost people and people that know Christ in Hawaii as we begin our work there.

4. For our families to love Jesus more through our moving.

5. For the rest of our funding.

6. For our church family as we leave and emotions

7. For Michelle and I to stay close and intimate with Jesus as we lead our children to Hawaii (they are beginning to feel the stress)



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